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Firewall Service Disabled and Filtering Not Working

Hello.  After installing the SaaS Endpoint Protection on my church's computers, a few of them are not picking up the Internet Filtering Policy (i.e. I can browse Adult sites which I have set to be blocked in the policy that I created) and the Firewall Protection is Disabled.  If I click on <Fix>, nothing happens.  I have moved the affected computers from the Policy that I created for Internet Filtering to the McAfee Default Policy (which apparently has no Internet Filtering nor is it possible to enable it) then I move the computers back to the policy that I created then go back to the computer and select <Update Now>, but the computer still makes it to sites that i shouldn't.  Further, I even made an exclusion by blocking in my policy and the computer can still make it to that site.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for your help.

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Re: Firewall Service Disabled and Filtering Not Working

From experience until you upgrade the agent policies are applied. Also be sure to save the policy. Specifically blocks one direction and do some testing.

Re: Firewall Service Disabled and Filtering Not Working


Please let me know what browser you are using and the version of the browser you are using so that I will be able to assist you further.


Ravi Shankar. R