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Firewall Problem - McAfee Security as a Service


My firewall won't activate.

I have the screenshot attached in a word document.

If I click fix nothing happens.

I previously had the windows firewall deactivated to see if that would make a difference.

I also tried to simply restart.

However, it just won't work.

Can you please help me with this?



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Re: Firewall Problem - McAfee Security as a Service

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Re: Firewall Problem - McAfee Security as a Service


Please confirm the Operating System along with bit version (32bit/64bit).



Re: Firewall Problem - McAfee Security as a Service

Windows 7 Home Premium

64 bit Version

Re: Firewall Problem - McAfee Security as a Service


Thank you for the information, please follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

Step 1:

1. Log on to the security center from

2. Click on the tab utilities | select the sub tab Migration & Optimization.

3. Under the Cleanup Utility | select the download option.

4. Download and save it to the desktop and run this exe to uninstall.

5. Reboot the computer.

Step 2:

* Please reset the Windows firewall to default and then disable the windows firewall before starting the installation.

Step 3:

Please use the Silent installation method.

1. Open the webpage and login with your security center.

2. Click on utilities on the top

3. Under the installation tab, select the second option silent installation to download.

4. Save the vssetup.exe file to your C: drive.

5. Now click start | type cmd.exe into the searchfield.

6. Then Right-click on cmd.exe and click “Run asadministrator” to open the command prompt.

Type cd\ (enter)

6. Copy this command and paste


Where P is the parameter and V is the virus scan, F the firewall and B the browser protection. If you want to exclude installation of any software you need to omit that parameter from the above command.

Just wait for 5 minutes McAfee will be automatically get installed in your computer.