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Automatic Update; Firewall settings?

Some PC's in our network don't have a permission to go on the internet.

This makes the automatic updates for the Total Protection Service unavailable to these PC's.

I was thinking of allowing them to a particular website to get to the McAfee updates via the firewall settings.

What website address should I use on the firewall settings to make the update process possible for these computers without allowing them full internet acces?

Greetings and thanks,


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Re: Automatic Update; Firewall settings?

From the Total Protection Service v5.x Product Guide:

"Internet Independent Updating (IIU) enables any computer on the network to get
information from the update site, even if that computer does not have an Internet
connection, by communicating with the update site through a network computer that is
configured as a relay server."

attached the extracted pages fromt the documentation (hope its not against the rule)

hope this helps



Re: Automatic Update; Firewall settings?


In addition to what easy indian has listed above. I also suggest you set up a Relay Server in your network so that all the machines which do not have access to the internet can still get the updates from that particular machine which is serving as the Relay server. This will also save yoru bandwidth.

Moreover, McAfee Total Protection Service also comes up with an Advanced technology called the Rumour Technology.

McAfee Rumor Technology uses file-sharing intelligence to distribute security updates within a network. The peer-to-peer technology-based "Rumor" permits McAfee McAfee installed agents to share anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall product updates and upgrades with one another across a local area network - saving bandwidth, management time and money associated with security

The installed McAfee agent works through proxy servers and firewall where McAfee's Rumor technology works to broadcast security updates via exponential relay throughout the internal network - thus increasing the speed of installation and updates as well as lower bandwidth utilization.

Hope the above helps.


Re: Automatic Update; Firewall settings?

Hello Sameer,

Thanks for your help.

Where can I find the manual / helpfile that explains how to set up the peer-to-peer "rumor" settings?

thanks again for your help.