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mxlogic email question

My client uses mxlogic's email service, which is part of McAfee. We are about to change hosts, via a nameserver change. What should I do to both:
A. the new host (besides the MX Record) and
B to the service itself.

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Re: mxlogic email question


We deliver and support the MX logic/McAfee Saas products in Australia/NZ.

Ok. When you say you are about to change hosts -- I am guessing you mean you are about to redelegate your client's domain to a new nameserver. If this is the case, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

1) Make sure that the MX records exist in the zone files of the new nameserver for the domain.

2) Within MX logic, you configure where the mail is to be delivered once it has been checked. This can be a host/A record or an IP address (and is both if they have followed best practice). In short, you should login and see what this is pointing to. If its an IP address, you should be fine. If it is a host name (like then you should make sure that the A record is also configured in the zone file on the new NS. I would also actually change delivery in the console to go to the IP address to avoid any possible disruption.

3) The zone *may* also have an SPF record setup... which you will also want to copy across. You can check this using a tool like .

Assuming no IP addresses are changing... that should be about it. Drop us a line if I can help any further.

Kind regards,

Andrew Johnson,