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Problem with IP repution using email security (mxlogic)


This is my first post, so hopefully this is the right forum.

My company is a McAfee email security (mxlogic) customer.  We have recently made a change to our email system and have a new last hop MTA with new public IP (we do not use mxlogic for outbound filtering).  Our previous last hop MTA mail server is listed in with a good reputation.  Our new IP is listed with a bad reputation.  Both addresses are in the same subnet.

We are currently unable to deliver mail to any other mxlogic customers.  We get the standard 554 Denied NDRs.  I don't see any DNS record issues, and per mxtoolbox we are not listed on any blacklists.  I've been submitting samples to for the last two days and am still not able to send to anyone who uses mxlogic for inbound filtering.

Is there anything else I can do with McAfee support to get our IP address removed from whatever mxlogic blacklist it is on?

Our new server hostname and IP are:

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Problem with IP repution using email security (mxlogic)

Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Problem with IP repution using email security (mxlogic)


EDITED - I mis-read part of your post. I didn't see where you stated you have inbound service.

As a customer, open a service request with the team that handles your product support with the NDR information. There should be no issues researching this via a service request.

Bradly McGarr, Security+, MCP, MTA-Windows OS, CIW-WFA, A+

Intel Security

McAfee SaaS Email & Web Security Technical Support Technician

Re: Problem with IP repution using email security (mxlogic)

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the info, however we also us mxlogic and are a McAfee SaaS email protection customer.  We use mxlogic for inbound.  Any other thoughts?  Thanks.

Re: Problem with IP repution using email security (mxlogic)

I realized I misread your post after posting my reply, I posted an edited version: reach out to the support team that your account is with with the NDR information, shouldn't be too much of an issue to get that researched, although that will depend somewhat on whether or not you're through a Partner or directly with McAfee.