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Oracle Messaging Service looks to be enforcing 70 Char boundary tag max.

Mcafee SAAS Secure email coming through as mime base64 encodded junk                                                               

I an issue with a customer site unable to read the automated Alert email when a encypted message had been sent to them. The customer is getting the multipart/alternative MIME message as an alert to log into the portal. The actual base64 content can manually be decoded correcty so the content iself if not corrupted.

We have found that the issue is with boundary tag within the automated email alert is 71 chars long and the RFC standard states it can not be longer then 70 chars. The customer started seeing the issue when they put in place a new Oracle Messaging Server that is enforcing the 70 char standard and trashing the boundary so it is not decoded.  

As you can see from the snippet below that the boundary within the quotes is 71 chars.

Not sure how to get this information to someone at McAfee that can look into this. Hopefully someone will read this and pass it along. Otherwise I maybe forced to change vendors for our secure emails. 

MIME-Version: 1.0

Content-Type: multipart/alternative;


This is a multi-part alternative message in MIME format.


Content-Type: text/plain;


Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64















Content-Type: multipart/related;


This is a multi-part related message in MIME format.


Content-Type: text/html;

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Re: Oracle Messaging Service looks to be enforcing 70 Char boundary tag max.

Hello Bob,

Please be sure to contact support and report your findings to ensure the proper teams are notified and so the issue can be tracked appropriately.

Best regards,

Karen Widhalm

System Support Team

McAfee, Inc.

SaaS Email & Web Security Technical Support

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Re: Oracle Messaging Service looks to be enforcing 70 Char boundary tag max.

Thank you Karen for your reply.

I have taken over this account for my company and do not have a service account and do not have/know what a GRANT number is to create one.  

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Re: Oracle Messaging Service looks to be enforcing 70 Char boundary tag max.

Morning Bob,

Whether or not you have a grant number will depend in large part on how/where you purchased your service.

If you purchased the SaaS Email Protection service through a third-party McAfee Partner:

Contact the selling partner first, as there is a good chance they hold your support contact and would be your first line of support. Customers supported by our Partners do not have grant numbers and are not authorized to contact support directly as the partner performs support duties.

If you purchased the SaaS Email Protection service through the McAfee Denver Team (former MX Logic Team), and your Customer Account Name does not end in an underscore and numbers _#######:

Your account will not have a Grant Number, and you can contact the SaaS Email & Web Security Support Team in Denver directly at 1-877-695-6442 or log a service request at Note: you must be pre-authorized as a technical support contact on the account.

If you purchased the SaaS Email Protection Service online, login through, OR, have a Customer Account Name that ends in an underscore and several numbers ( Your Company_1234567): Your account has a Grant Number, which can be found on the website, once logged in under "My Licenses > Subscription History" or in the email sent when the service was purchased. You would then be elligible to contact McAfee Gold Support at 1-800-338-8754, chosing Option 2, then Option 2 again. You would also be able to login to the ServicePortal at If no grant number is shown (which happens with some accounts), you would still contact Gold Support, but provide the email adddress the account was purchased with.

Hope this information helps clarify things.

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