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Multiple recipients rejecting emails


We have been receiving multiple reports that emails from user are being rejected from multiple related domains, reason is generic - 554 Denied.

We have been unable to identify the reason for that. All domains are related to mxlogicmx (host[],[] etc). I can send example bounce backs and headers, I have already sent an email to included multiple cases.

Is there any actions we can perform from our side?

We checked on several tools and the domain is not listed in any BLs.

Best Regards,


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Re: Multiple recipients rejecting emails

I've moved this out of the Consumer section because it appears to be a problem that's been raised before by users in the Business section.

It's now in Business / Email and Web Security / SaaS Email Security, where someone should be able to advise you what to do.

Re: Multiple recipients rejecting emails

Greetings Panos,

You've already done what you can from your side. The message scored high for spam and was denied based on the recipient's designated action for the level of scoring it reached. The saas_falsepositives mailbox is the best avenue for non-customers, otherwise the recipient will need to open a support ticket with the support team that works with their installation and submit the false positive that way.

See the following for more information: