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Increasing the frequency of e-mail Quarantine Reports?

Is there a way to increase the frequency of e-mail quarantine reports in SaaS beyond once a day?  Sometimes we need to know very quickly after an e-mail has been received by the system that the e-mail was quarantined.

Could there be a way to get a message every time an e-mail is quarantined?

Thanks much!


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Re: Increasing the frequency of e-mail Quarantine Reports?

Greetings Hottenj!

Indeed there is a way to increase your SaaS Spam Report frequency to up to twice a day. If you login to the Control Console and navigate to Email Protection > Policies, and edit your inbound policies. Inside each policy, under Spam > Reporting, you can designate up to two deliveries per day as long as they are greater than 1 hour apart. Many of the customers I speak with end up doing a "morning" report sent at or just before the start of business, and then another 1-2 hours before closing, but you're free to choose what works for you.

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Re: Increasing the frequency of e-mail Quarantine Reports?


If you need to need to know immediately each time a message quarantined, you shouldn't be using the quarantine, you should be using the spam policy action -  "tag subject." When you select this action, any message that we would have blocked is instead tagged in the subject and delivered. The message would arrive with a header looking something something like this:



Date: Tuesday Mar 2 2013

Subject: [Spam] Pills for everything direct from Canada

Then, what many customers do, is setup Outlook to automatically sort tagged messages into a local spam folder. This prevents the messages from distracting the user and any time the user wants to check the spam for false positives they can simply click on the Outlook spam folder. You can find the spam action settings under any inbound policy > spam tab.


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