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Feb 11 2013 release spoiler

Hey Gang,

There are lots of updates coming to our end user spam report functionality in the release this weekend! Many of you have been asking for these features, so we hope you enjoy the update!

  • Specify a custom message that appears at the top of the spam report email
  • Send up to two spam reports per day, per user
  • Improved layout of the admin spam reporting screen
  • Set the "deliver by" time for each spam report email
  • More flexible day-of-the-week delivery options including Saturday and Sunday
  • Redesigned spam report for a better end user experience

spam reports.png

We have a big year planned with lots of great new features - some, you have been asking for, some are completely new! Look for leaks about upcoming features on these boards as we progress through this years's planned release schedule!


Sr. Product Manager, Email Security


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