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Best Practices - Exchange 2007

We just get setup with McAfeee Saas Email Protection thru our Internet Vendor.  Things are looking good so far, however, I am looking for Best Practices involving our SBS Exchange 2007 server.  Currently Anti-Spam is Enabled, and I am seeing "good" messages that I think are being blocked by our Exchange server.  In the Message Audit screen, I am seeing the following:

Message Disposition: [550 Backend Replied []:  5.7.1 Message rejected as spam by Content Filtering. (Mode: normal); Backend TLS: yes;

Is it best practices with having SaaS Email Protection to disable the Anti-spam on Exchange and just let McAfee do all the scanning?


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Re: Best Practices - Exchange 2007

Hi jwenzler,

Yes, that error message indicates that the Exchange level anti-spam is blocking the message. Redunant spam filtering can cause issues as it creates multiple points of potential failure. We generally do recommend disabling local Anti-Spam on the server since this processing has been off-loaded to the SaaS Cloud.

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