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13Q2 Release Spoiler!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to update you on the release coming up on May 13 2013! We have been working very hard on an update to our ClickProtect feature and it will have some major enhancements that we think will greatly enhance your email security:

  • Granular policy controls for handling messages based on URL reputation at both "scan-time" and "click-time."
  • Full URL "sandboxing" which scans websites for malware after a user clicks on the URLs in email - even shortened URLs,  get processed!
  • This isn't just any malware scan, it uses our enterprise-grade McAfee Web Gateway technology, including the Gateway Anti-malware Engine, the market-leading 0-day malware detection engine.
  • New custom warning screens to give users all the information they need to make informed decisions
  • Full downloadable click-through reporting!
  • All clicks are now logged in Message Audit, associated to an email message, giving you the ability but also trace back malware infection attempts to a sender IP address!
  • As always, no hardware required!
  • No web license required!
  • Core feature for everyone!

Sneak preview of the new CP policy screen:


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