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May I Know...?

Hi there,

May I know why Total Protection for Compliance - Desktops does include:

Vulnerability Manager (which is still listed as Foundstone)

Policy Auditor and

Risk Advisor

and not

Remediation Manager (compliance without remedy)
Risk and Compliance Manager (Funny the name carries Compliance)
Integrity Monitor (reasonable if excluded)
Application Control (reasonable if excluded)
Configuration Control (compliance without Configuration Control)
Integrity Control (reasonable if excluded)
Change Control (compliance without change control?)
Change Reconciliation (reasonable if excluded)

Or is it the same way McAfee decided to dump McAfee Security for Mac from Total Protection for Endpoint?

Thank you.

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Re: May I Know...?

Hi 1ndian,

Most of us are technical vs. sales on this Forum.  I don't have a quick answer for you.

Your best way to get this answered would be to reach out to your McAfee sales person.

Sorry I don't have more,


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Re: May I Know...?

Total Protection for Compliance is designed to address and automate the compliance, vulnerability and risk assestment needs of a complex IT environment.  In other words it helps assess, report and validate.    Enforcement is left to other means.   Perhpas they should have added Assesment to the end of the name to make the Total a more apt qualifier as you have shown.

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