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MRA 2.7.2 DB growth extrapolation

Hi everyone,

We are getting ready to deploy MRA 2.7.2. I've been looking at the MRA 2.7.0 Database sizing guide to get a sense of how much additional space MRA would consume once deployed. I have extrapolated from the numbers in the document and arrived at some rough growth figures:

We are looking at approximately 1400 nodes. Initial DB growth due to product install and initial data correlation would be 2.7 Gigabytes. Subsequent download & correlate events (one every night most likely) would add 227 megabytes per event. If I retain this data for 90 days, then I'm looking at (90*227)+2700 Megabytes = 23130 Megabytes of total combined DB size growth over the first 90 days.

I wanted to see if someone out there could share their experiences in terms of DB growth from using MRA?

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