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PA: Maintain Database Task in ePO

Started: PA - Policy Auditor Database Maintenance
7/27/15 6:15:16 PM   Database index maintenance beginning on indexes with fragmentation >= 30.0 percent. Stop processing after 8 hours.


Has anyone experienced issues with this task in ePO? I have it setup to run on daily basis and it seems like it never goes over 0% and never completed. I feel it is kinda bugging down the server and i'm not sure if terminating it is a good idea, or if it even does get terminated in the back end  when I click terminate. I know what this task is for and how important it is. However, is there a workaround? I'm running ePO 5.1.1 and policy auditor 6.2


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Re: PA: Maintain Database Task in ePO

Did you ever find a resolution to this, we have the same issue and the account used is a db_owner of the ePO DB.  Still happening in ePO 5.3.2 software.

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Re: PA: Maintain Database Task in ePO

Yup, I have two failed tasks every night and they are PA: Maintain Database and PA: Get Index and Space Statistics

I figured I would try the performance optimizer and it says we have some highly fragmented indexes. Going to hand it over to my SQL team to defrag or rebuild those.

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Re: PA: Maintain Database Task in ePO

How many indexes do you have <30%? Do you also have the maintenance task setup in SQL?

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