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PA Client Task Deployment

Good Day All,

Having quite an issue here getting PA installed on some linux servers in a DMZ.  Have tried to deploy via ePO (run immediately and scheduled task) but no such luck.  Have tried an uninstall task because there are a handful with oudated versions and the task did not run.  Tried a deployment via tagging and task did not run.  Have tried a manual installation via and got an error that the directories that auditengine uses did not exist.  Did a little research and found a KB that had a script that McAfee created to make it possible to manually install PA.  Followed suggestions/instructions in that KB and ran the script on local box and it basically corrupted the other endpoints (HIPS, VSEL weren't showing installed on ePO) and when trying to have the MA collect and send props, was getting an "XML parser croaked" error.  Reinstalled the agent on that box and it was fine and PA was showing installed but the other endpoints weren't (as I stated just previously) so I am sure that there is some corruption in that installation.  I then started to think if it was a firewall issue and I checked with out FW team to make sure 80, 443, 591, 8081, 8443, 8444 were open and they are.  Next went into the AH and was able to see Agent Wakeups from the ePO -->AH-->Servers in the DMZ.  So they are getting wake up calls and there is communication with AH/ePO so I am dumbfounded why a client task running a simple install of PA won't take on those machines.  If anyone can help, you'd be my hero or if you can point me into the right direction if this has already been addressed, that would be much appriciated.  Thank you in advance.

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Re: PA Client Task Deployment

So after about 4 days Policy Auditor was installed on the boxes and reporting into ePO.  I'm guessing it was just a network issue and a small pipe.  Oh well!

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