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Open encrypted usb drive

I'm having problems to opne an usb encrypted drive. Once i connect the drive, the computer recognizes it but the mcafee encryptation software does not iniciate and therefor I cannot access my information. As someone expirienced this problem?

Can you please help me?

Thank you.


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Re: Open encrypted usb drive


I guess you should post the issue you are facing on the discussions site for the McAfee Encryption software you are using.

This discussion site is for Policy Auditor which I guess is not related to the issue you are reporting here.



Re: Open encrypted usb drive

Yeah please transfer over to the endpoint encryption and that will help you get more answers.

However, what is the policy you have for EEFF in ePO for removable media? Is the machine you are trying to access the usb from managed by ePO?

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