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McAfee Policy Auditor Agent silent install issue

I'm having trouble getting a silent install to work with my admin account via a silent install TS with MDT 2012, I've tried MPAAgt.msi & exe as well as with setup.exe. I get an error in the log using the msi saying that "You must use Setup.exe in order to run the McAfee NAC Scanner installer" I am able to install the software manually without the silent install switch but install fails when i want the software to install silently.

I can't find ANY switches that work with setup.exe for a silent or logged install.

in a previous post someone posted the following but im not sure how to install from a script:


McAfee Support Community - Command line options for Policy Auditor Agent inst... - McAfee Support Community

I figured it out finally mpaagt.msi REBOOT=R RUNSETUPWRAPPER=1 CLIENTUILEVEL=3 /q /l*v c:\APA.txt

works for a silent install from a script

Ive tried:

setup.exe /s

setup.exe /q

setup.exe /quiet

setup.exe /qn

for every option I get, the install fails and jumps to the next piece of mcafee software that needs to be installed that happens to install correctly 

 Any help would be awesome! this is literally the last piece of the puzzle i need to make my enterprise image deployment perfect. 


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Re: McAfee Policy Auditor Agent silent install issue

Issue has been resolved.

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