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can not connect to internet with firewall on

i have a laptop had it for 11 months now mcafee the whole time and as of 3 -2 days ago i cant acess the internet with the firewall on and once i close my computer and start it up again i have to turn the firewall off again to get online i have high speed internet and a router im connecting wirelessly this is driving me nuts i opened firewall settings and clicked connections clicked ip address and than add but that really doesnt do anything almost all day yesterday the computer was fine i had no trouble except in the moring and now i cant get on without turing it off again please help n im using windows 7 64 bit home

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Re: can not connect to internet with firewall on

Hello Motivo,

Could you please update us with some more information so that we could help you around the same;

What is the browser that we use in the computer ?

What is the model and version of your wireless router ?

What is the version of your McAfee firewall ?

Please let us know what is the Level that you have set for your McAfee firewall ?

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Re: can not connect to internet with firewall on


     In the mean time you may try to reset McAfee Firewall to default settings.

To Restore  Firewall to default setting

  1. Open McAfee
  2. Click on Firewall tab >> Settings

FW 1.gif

     3. Select Restore Defaults.