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Windows Media Player 11 - Shared Media / Sony PS3 / McAfee Firewall Problem

PC(Win XP) with Windows Media Player 11 - Shared Media - (Wired)

DIR-615 Router

Sony Play Station 3 (Wireless)

McAfee Personal Firewall 10.15

Problem, I set up the Media Player...Shared the Media, but the Play Station 3 could not see the media server,

I researched as anyone would....and added the ports in the firewall as recommended and required...still no go,

I deactivated McAfee Firewall.....everything worked fine, I reactivated the Firewall.....everything stopped.

I tried various other settings....nothing worked....

I had an idea....(grasping at straws)

under the firewall settings, Networks, there was an entry for Trusted IP's in the range of to

I left that alone....and added another.... (the IP of my Sony Play Station 3)


Everything worked.

I have no explanation WHY this logic would dictate otherwise.

Not saying that this is the "ultimate solution for all"....but it helped me, and may help some of you.

I have seen similar issues with Xbox as will work on some of them too.

Hope it works for you.