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Solution for easy way to work around parental controls in Windows 8?


I just wanted to make the community aware of an easy way to workaround the parental controls in McAfee Internet Security Suite when installed on Windows 8, which basically renders the parental controls useless.

I use McAfee Internet Security Suite on my Windows 8 machine to block the Internet (time and content) for several non-administrator child accounts.  However, I recently discovered that if one of those non-administrator users simply reboots the computer in Safe Mode with Networking, a few McAfee services will start but the service for parental controls is not one of them, allowing full access to the Internet.  I have reported this "hole" to McAfee technical support and am hoping that a future version of the software will close this important gap.

In the meantime, I am evaluating other popular software filtering packages to see if they will effectively block Internet access for my family.

Interested to know if anyone has a solution using the existing software to prevent this gap in family protection.


A Parent

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