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Parental Controls Report - Kids have access!!!

I have the sky branded McAfee Security Center  (Parental controlls only , not the full Security suite).

And i have added my self on the parental control; age set to custom and blocking malicious sites only.

Now as an adult i do not want my kids viewing what i an doin on line, But they have complete access to the Parental Controls Report logs

admins (me) can view each others reports AND so can kids , the kids can view all the log and are able to view mine to.

that the first flaw, the second flaw is that i can not remove any of the logs, i have tried everything..

what ever i do today on my log, will be overwritten after 1 year!!!

the only way to stop the kids viewing what i do is to remove my wife's account and my account (admin) and the main super admin's account, this way the kids can not view our activities...   By doing it this way... it is unsafe and are open to malicious  softwares being install compromising the whole family PC Experience!

Is there a fix for this flaw?     ( to be able to delete OR block access to our logs from our kids)

Kind Regards

McAfee User

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Re: Parental Controls Report - Kids have access!!!

I've added a question to the agenda for the next conference call about this.

They're bound to ask me what versions of everything you've got, so :

- You only have Parental Controls installed, correct?

- This is the only part of the McAfee installation you installed?

- And you got it through Sky?

What version of Parental Controls do you have?

(If you have McAfee Security Center, open it and look for 'About', top right).

The McAfee logs are all kept in one location as far as I know but to remove them you need to switch off Access Protection. And of course new files will created next time you use the program.

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Re: Parental Controls Report - Kids have access!!!

Hello Hayton,

Thank you very much for your reply and your professional approach.

1) yes i only have Parental Controls installed

2) Yes this is the only part of the of the McAfee installation i have installed.

3) yes i got it from

The McAfee Internet Security Suite is also available from sky but i prefer the McAfee Parental Controls only as i find it to run very smoothly with windows firewall and microsoft security essentials.

here's the screen shots which i hope may help.

Kind Regards



Mcafee Parental Control.JPG



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Re: Parental Controls Report - Kids have access!!!

I checked this on my XP machine, which has the same version of Parental Controls and is set up with an Admin account and several restricted-privilege user accounts.

This is related to a known bug in Parental Controls which I found and reported in June (here). Non-Admin accounts have access to the password-setting/resetting page, which they shouldn't have, and it's from there that an ordinary user can view Activity Reports for all accounts on the PC. I take it that you're sharing a PC, with accounts set up for each person, and you're using Parental Controls to restrict access to the internet for the childrens' user accounts?

The best solution to your question is probably to remove your account(s) from Parental Controls, or else to change the settings so that your account/s have no restrictions or minimal restrictions placed on them. The logs will only show if you attempt to access a blocked site, and you can add sites that you want to visit to a whitelist so they won't show in the reports.

It is a bug, but as I see it you can arrange it so your account doesn't show up at all in Activity Reports. Otherwise you get the anomaly we''ve both seen. It's been reported, but apparently not fixed.

Edit 1 - The second screenshot below was taken in a restricted-access user account (set as a Child Account in Parental Controls). The first screenshot is the Main account setting blocked/allowed sites for itself. The user account should not have been able to access the Settings page - but it can.

Edit 2 - As for the logs, there's a large collection of them (look for a folder named mclogs) but I couldn't see one specifically for these reports.

Parental Control site blocking.JPG

Parental Controls Report from Research Acct.JPG

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