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How to re-generate device description profile on iPad

Hi Guys,

After upgrade the Safefamily on iPad to latest version, when switch profile to my kid found all 3rd party applications disappeared so I have to remove the description profile, but how to re-generate it ?



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Re: How to re-generate device description profile on iPad

I will contact a expert from the Safe Family Team on your behalf.

​  Could you kindly assist this customer please?

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Re: How to re-generate device description profile on iPad


to regenerate the profile, on your kids ipad, go to the safe family app, then go to the family tab (far right tab), under there you will see a tab called "devices". next to the listing for the ipad, you should see a button there that says "enroll". once you tap on that you will get into the setup process for your kids device again.

before you setup your child's device again, check to see what your time of day rules are set to, whether the rule is on or off, and if it's on, what schedule it's set to. when you set up your child's device again during those times, it's very likely the apps will disappear again because that rule is on.

if the time of day rule is not on and you see this issue, then on your parent device, go to the rules for your child, go to the time of day setting and toggle it on, and then switch it off again. that should allow you reset anything that may be happening with the apps disappearing on your kids device when it's shouldn't be.

if you have any more issues, please feel free to email me at eming_saung(at), and we can try and get to the bottom of your issues.



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