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Level 7

quickclean won't load

running windows 7 on a hp desktop. trying to load quickclean and it stops working at  'remove incompatible software'. have waited overnite and it goes no further.  i have no viruses or malware. virtual tech says no problems found. i turned of pop-up blocker all to no avail.  thanks

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Level 17

Re: quickclean won't load

Taking what you say at face value, something on your system is preventing QuickClean from running, hence the message. If that's the case it doesn't matter how long you leave it, it won't run.

To find out what it is that's stopping QuickClean in its tracks you need to look at all the concurrently running programs and processes. SysInternals' Process Explorer is a good place to start looking - it gives a lot more information than Task Manager.

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Level 20

Re: quickclean won't load

Any these on the PC

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