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Shredder randomly deleting music files

Yesterday I used Shredder to delete my recycle bin and somehow it started shredding all of my music files. The files were stored on a network drive and had nothing to do wtih the recycle bin. However, I noticed that the directory listing in Shredder started with C:\$Recycle.bin\... and the rest of the file path was the path for my music files. So somehow Shredder mysteriously believed that my music files were in the Recycle Bin. Has anyone else had this problem or can offer any insight? I'm rather peeved about this because I lost several folders worth of music files before I figured out what was going on.

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Re: Shredder randomly deleting music files

In have no idea why shredder would decide that files are in the recycle bin when they shouldn't be but as I always use Windows Disk Cleanup to do that operation I haven't experienced the issue.

All drives have a recycle bin, even those used solely for storage.  It's a hidden folder in that case.

I can only imagine that somehow Windows has mislabelled those files, or something else has - a registry optimizer/cleaner perhaps or is your backup software mirroring some action on your C: drive?  Only a thought..   

Unfortunately they are lost once shredded.  It's feasible that a professional data recovery service might be able to salvage some, but that's an expensive proposition with no guarantees.

Technical Support is your best bet here, they are free to call or use online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.  At least they will hopefully be able to tell you how to prevent such an occurrence in the future.



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