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Recovery the boot of pc

I have a laptop that I prefer to keep active and is without windows boot, I look for a recovery
program or operating system Win.xp32b. "lite" or "standardized type" that can install the boot
of the system in usb or in diskete of 3 5 "of msdos, the rest does not work, I am available
who wants to offer me a system that repairs my machine, greetings Att. LC CMl
[- c l
lC CMl
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Re: Recovery the boot of pc


Please let us know if you need assistance with McAfee Consumer or Business products. You might want to discuss this in a Windows forum instead

Re: Recovery the boot of pc

   Hello, I am a consumer of windows, and I am looking for a program in msdos or software that is feasible to recover boot configuration errors from the system, drivers, etc., I already have hardware but I need to update it, waiting for your advice, very att.

                      [- lC.

[- c l
lC CMl
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