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Quickclean re-scheduled by update

It has been made clear elsewhere, I see, that Quickclean is scheduled by default in McAfee but can be turned off. Users may not be aware, however, that it appears McAfee may decide to turn it on again in updates.

I have McAfee security on both of my PCs. Yesterday, I noticed several lesser-used icons had disappeared from the desktops of both. I had no idea what was going on, at first. Then McAfee Quickclean came to mind. I looked at the scheduled tasks and found Quickclean in a scheduled task. I also noticed that this task had run on 1 August.

I have always avoided scheduling McAfee tasks other than my regular VirusScan and had turned off any defaults so this scheduled task wasn't put there by me. I can only assume that a recent McAfee update must have re-scheduled it automatically.

I think putting scheduled tasks of this type on by default is seriously questionable. To re-schedule them in an installation where they have already been turned off is, frankly, an abuse, turning McAfee software into almost a form of malware.

I had my desktops the way I wanted them. Now they're not. I'm not happy!
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Level 7

Defrag also scheduled but hidden away

Since my posting above, I have now discovered that McAfee also scheduled a defrag task without asking me.

The reason that I did not find it before is that it was placed not in the McAfee task scheduler but in the Windows scheduled tasks list. The first run appears to have been scheduled for the 15th of the month and then monthly thereafter.

I have an SSD for my system drive (actually 2 in RAID 0). As a result of the algorithms for distributing data around the discs, the system doesn't know where data are really located anyway, on SSDs. Furthermore, a defrag would tend to reduce the lifetime of the drives. A C: drive defrag for my system is, therefore both pointless and harmful.

Needless to say, I disabled the task. But why did McAfee schedule this in the first place without my permission?
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