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QuickClean - not deleting all temp files

Hi can anyone help?

A week or so ago I did a quickclean on my computer it deleted the files but said 7 temp files could not be deleted.  I couldn't find them anywhere on my system to delete them.

I  ran quickclean a few times since but it always leaves these7  temporary files.

Today I unistalled McAfee and then I ran MCPR to check that it was all gone.

I downloaded McAfee from the website and then ran a quickclean and now I have 29 temp files which can't be deleted? I'm not sure if they are McAfee related files but with names like McTemp & MCCleanup it sounds like they might be.

a few are












does anyone know what they are,  or why they are there?.

Any help would be appreciated,

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Re: QuickClean - not deleting all temp files

Anything beginning with "Mc...." is probably a McAfee file. I don't know about the rest (temp files often have really strange names). If they're temp files, they should be deleteable unless they're open and being used at the time (which some of them might well be, if they're having log data written to them). I shouldn't worry too much; temp files hide in a hundred locations, and the only times they're a problem is if your disk is getting short on space, or if the sheer number of them is slowing things down, or if some spyware or other malware has been infiltrated onto your system and is sitting in a temp directory (the fake antivirus programs often put files in there).

If you want to clean up the disk, Windows has a built-in program (cleanmgr.exe) which does a reasonable job. There's also CCleaner, which is okay for clearing out all the remaining temp junk that cleanmgr overlooks.

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Re: QuickClean - not deleting all temp files

Ccleaner is a good program.The Cleaner tab works well if left at default.Unless you consider yourself an advanced user.Do not use the registry portion of the program.If you do back everything up.It will give you the option.

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Re: QuickClean - not deleting all temp files

I omitted to mention the registry cleaner, because even CCleaner's isn't perfect (Ex_Brit would say "just as dangerous as all the rest"). And I would advise against using the Wipe Free Space option, since I think that's what may have mangled my file system last week.

Earlier I came across reports of a Russian site offering a download of "CCleaner" which is fake, and a malware-filled fake at that (and you have to pay for the privilege of running the program). So it might be best to give the link here to Piriform Software (who wrote CCleaner) rather than let people go Googling for it.