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Quick Clean issue.....won't delete all temporary files

I have been searching the website for tech support and can't get through to chat line techs or find an e-mail   I use Quick Clean often but all of a sudden, it is not deleting all of the temporary files.  As a matter of fact, it keeps adding more files.  When the Quick Clean is done, it shows everything that was cleaned and then has "Cannot be Removed" in red next to about 63 items in the temporary folder.  Why is this happening?  I recently had an issue with Yahoo Messenger that said it was corrupt and I removed it from my computer. 

Does anyone know how I can get rid of ALL the temporary files?  Thanks

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Re: Quick Clean issue.....won't delete all temporary files

Can it be run in safe mode?  Sounds as if files are in use.

are the files Mcafee's

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Re: Quick Clean issue.....won't delete all temporary files

It's not unusual for some temporary files to refuse to go if they are connected with something that is maybe still active on the machine.

You can clean temps in other ways too.

Go to Start/Run and type in temp and click OK or hit the Enter key.

Then click Edit > Select All

Then click Shift/Delete simultaneously and OK any prompts after hitting the Enter key.

Some will refuse to go because they are pertaining to your current session, that's normal.

Repeat the exercise entering %temp% this time to clean even more.

As I said, some will refuse to delete, that's normal.

Also don't forget Windows has its own Disk Cleanup under Tools.

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