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Issues with Quick Clean

Every time I let my quick clean do a auto clean up I am not able to do certain tasks within an online program I use.  The website program I am referring to is Login

I can log in but an not able to do the tasks I need to do.  It has taken me quite sometime to figure out that it is in fact the quick clean program that is causing this issue.

I have been able to call my ISP and they are able to do something on their end to get it to work again but as soon as the quick clean runs I have the issue again.

So today and for hte past month everything has been running good and I have been skipping the quick cleans so I decided to manually go into my Mcafee and run this quick clean and sure enough I am not able to do anything in my online program again which verified this is the culprit. I must be clearing something in my browsers that is causing this issue but not sure how to fix it.

Is nothing else how do I turn this feature off as it is really been a PITA.


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Re: Issues with Quick Clean

does this help you perhaps ?

in the section settings there is a default selection of the files that are to be removed. you can change this to your needs.

also in this window you can scroll down, you have the option to select for browsertype manually.

hope this helps

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Re: Issues with Quick Clean

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