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Can't clean memory card with shredder!

Does anyone else have this problem?  I just tried to delete  photos from my memory card that I use in my camera and discovered that I can no longer "delete" them; I have to "shred" them.  Well the damned shredder doesn't work and I can't get the card emptied out.  I also discovered that I cannot uninstall "shredder"!!  I am NOT a happy camper and I will NOT be renewing McAfee for this very reason!!  Thanks for nothing, McAfee!!

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Re: Can't clean memory card with shredder!

Shredder is only an extension of tools already built in to Windows.  Use Windows to delete them - can't you view them in Windows Explorer?

If so hightlight and click Shift-Delete together and they are permanently deleted.

If it can't shred something it's just possible that perhaps those files were read -only or otherwise protected perhaps.

Technical Support might be able to help you better there.  It's a free phone call or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of the page.

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