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updating or migrating Intrushield sensor and manager version

Hi All,

I want to know how to upgrade or migrate the inturshield sensor and manager versions.

We are using 4.x versions of both sensor and manager. I want to upgrade them to 5.x. Can anyone tell me how can i achieve this. is there any hardware requirement for this upgrade.

A detailed answer will be very helpful


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Re: updating or migrating Intrushield sensor and manager version

It would be hard to say if you need to make any changes in hardware since we don't know what you're currently running.  Luckily, the Network Security Platform (formerly, Intrushield) product line has some of the best documentation in the McAfee family of products.  I suggest going to the McAfee Service Portal and searching the KB for documentation.  I have used these instructions several times over the years to upgrade Managers to newer versions and if you follow the instructions it goes fairly easy.

You can access the Service Portal here:

Best regards,


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