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TCP Timestamp Response

Hi McAfee,

please advise what is the CVE reference for the tcp timestamp response vulnerbility.

in McAfee IPS signature set, there is a particular attack signature "TCP Timestamp option".

Please advise if this attack signature address this vulerbility?

i had logged a SR 4-6315532911, but failed to get a respond from the support despite keep calling back to check with them for update.

please advise

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Level 21

Re: TCP Timestamp Response

Can you advise what McAfee product this is please so I may move this to that section for better support?

Edit:  Moved to Network Security Shield for better handling.  If it should be Host Intrusion Prevention then I will move it again.


Message was edited by: Ex_Brit on 08/07/14 6:15:59 EDT AM
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