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Support for MVM (Foundstone) version 7.0 ?

MVM 7.0 came out on July-26-2010.  When do you expect to provide the option to integrate NSM with 7.0 -> Currently there is only an option for the previous version of MVM (6.8).


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Re: Support for MVM (Foundstone) version 7.0 ?

Good day Cathy -

I've tested integration with MVM 7.0 and it works though it is not supported yet.

You can just follow the same exact instructions as are in place for MVM 6.8.

The next Maintenance Release (MR) of both 5.1 and 6.0 Network Security Manager platforms should have the support built in (drops downs, docs updated, etc) but I have not seen a feature list so cannot be absolute that it is in there.

One of the best ways to prompt (prod?) Product Management to include this in the product features list is to submit a Product Enhancement Request (PER).

This is one that will certainly added regardless - but soft little reminders are always welcome.


PER site:

NEW PER SITE!:  allows you to track the request and any updates.

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