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Some questions about NAC

Hi,everybody!Forgive my poor English! I have some questions about IPS NAC  module. I have tested NAC for some time with IPS NAC module,NAC Server! IPS sensor software version is 6.0.15,Network Security Manager is 60.017,EPO is 4.5+Patch1,NAC Server is 3.2,NAC client is 3.2.......

I tested 2 computers,the first computers is without any McAfee products,it's clear.The Second computer,I have installed Agent,VirusScan 8.7i,nac client,it can communicat with EPO.I put two computers' IP address into IPS NAC settings,to monitor.And trun to "Realtime Analyzer" to wait.....For Long Time,I just see the first computer's IP in "Hosts of Realtime Analyzer"......That's why???Somebody help me!


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