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SSL LDAP issue on NSM

I have successfully to import CA certificate to NSM 8.1 keystore by using KB58496 and imported CA into Windows' Certmgr too.

1) tested ssl ldap (ldp.exe) from windows NSM to AD port 636 was ok. tested authentication was ok.

2) NSM test connection shown success (LDAP Connection Successful)

but finally I cannot login with my AD acount via SSL LDAP, and log shown as below.

"failed to authenticate  to LDAP server "xxx" on port "636" due to server timeout/Network failure"

I can login with AD account by using 389 port only.

Any idea?

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Re: SSL LDAP issue on NSM

Welcome to the community!

After searching the knowledge base, I turned up the following article: McAfee KnowledgeBase - LDAP connection failed (when you enable SSL for Active Directory LDAP externa...

Please let me know if you find it useful. Thanks!

Jesse Olson

Technical Support Engineer

McAfee. Part of Intel Security.

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