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SNMP Polling

Hi We are successfully receiving snmp traps from NSM and snmp traps from nsm which are forwarded from mcafee ids sensor M-3050 with no problem

but we cannot poll the device using snmp, ie in our management system we want to add the device, so we can check its status. Its not returning a response to our polls. where can we set this and is it even supported? we are using snmpv2 and just require read only access.

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Re: SNMP Polling

Hi Flamer,

By default only snmp v3 is supported.

To enable snmp v2, you have to issue the below command on your sensor cli:

snmpv2support enable <CommunityString>

This command enables SNMP v2 support.

snmpv2support status

This command displays the status of SNMP v2 support (enabled or disabled).

Also, from the NSM, you have to configure the SNMP polling server IP in the list of the sensor's NMS allowed devices:

In the Devices tab, Select Domain, Setup, Remote Access, NMS, NMS Devices, New

and add the polling server IP.

Best Regards,

Mona Zamzam

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