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Reset I 2700 to Factory Defaults

Hello.  I have two I-2700s.  One I cannot logon to and the other I've reset to factory defaults.  Based on this KB McAfee KnowledgeBase - How to recover the Sensor password using Netboot would I be able to get the file ex. bootimage_4.1_2700.nbi from the device itself?  If so, how would I do this since I can logon to one of the I-2700s? 

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Re: Reset I 2700 to Factory Defaults

Moved this to Network Security Platform as it might get better support there.




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Re: Reset I 2700 to Factory Defaults

You can download the netboot image file from the site.

Your user name and password are both your grant number.

If you aren't already aware the I-Series sensor have gone End of Life.

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