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NSP latency introduced for EIGRP packets


I have a production environment with multiple sensors. We applied a new policy and the EIGRP routing went down. We are running NSP >= 8.2.

I was wondering if this bug got fixed. It shows up in versions 6 and 7 documentation.

780071 Under high traffic load, latency could be introduced on EIGRP packets.

Has anyone experienced an issue like that? Nothing shows up as blocked in the logs.

Thank you.

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Re: NSP latency introduced for EIGRP packets

Have you had a look at your non attack packet drop stats? You can get the counts out of the sensor CLI with the show inlinepktdropstats command, specify the port if you know which one. We graph our non attack packets with Cacti and were surprised at the volumes being dropped, none of these will produce an alert.

The graph below is a single interface, we are also graphing out of resource drops.


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