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NSP-ePo Integration issue

First of all, Happy new year to you all and hope this year is full of joy, happiness, and prosperity for you and your families

Now, let's get down to business.

I have a strange issue around here and I thought of checking with you if you have encountered it before

I had 2 pcs prepared for the POC as below:

·         VictimClient

·         Blue-PC with IP address

While I was building up the scenario there was a problem in DHCP and the VictimClient changed its DHCP IP address from to and the Blue-PC had the IP address instead of, I have verified the issue and found the host query from the Threat Analyzer of NSP to be totally misleading so I assigned them back their original IP addresses that I have mentioned above in my bullets, and I have assigned them as static IP addresses so that issue doesn’t happen again, now the issue is that Forensics view on the Threat Analyzer is always showing misleading information whenever I check for the hostname “VictimClient” or IP Address “” it shows me that Query Successful and display the “VictimClient” with IP address “” instead of “”

I did the following troubleshooting however the issue is still there:

·         Cleared DNS cache on NSP and ePo servers.

·         Made sure system information for both hosts on the ePo is correct.

·         DNS records are correct.

I have attached 2 screenshots for both hosts, hence Blue-PC is responding with the right info and VictimClien is responding with the misleading info.


Mostafa Soliman

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Level 7

Re: NSP-ePo Integration issue

Can you please run the Host forensics using the changed IP address of the system  instead of using Host name? I do not know if ePO has multiple IP addresses for the same host. it would not hurt if you can do ipconfig /flushdns before starting this test and please launch a new instance of Real Time Threat Analyzer(RTTA).

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