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NSP HA connected to a same switch


In a scenario with two NSP 4050 in HA and bridge vlan and they connected to a same switch,  what is the right configuration in the switch  in order to avoid loops and guarantee the HA operation?

For example:

Switch ports configuration for NSP-1 3A port and NSP-2 3A port:

interface FastEthernet XX

description INTERNET_IN

switchport access vlan 10

speed 1000

duplex full

Switch ports configuration for NSP-1 3B port and NSP-2 3B port:

interface FastEthernet YY

description INTERNET_OUT

switchport access vlan 20

speed 1000

duplex full

The above switch interfaces have STP enabled so we avoid loops. However our concern is related to HA operation due to the long time from blocking state to forwarding state (15 to 50 secs) in the switch ports.

Is it so simple how configure spanning-tree portfast in the above interfaces?


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Re: NSP HA connected to a same switch


Any idea?


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