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Messages From McAfee not showing on the main sensor

hello all,

i don't have the messages from mcafee showing on the main sensor manager .. buts its showing on the peer secondery manager...

Any ideas why ?

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Level 10

Re: Messages From McAfee not showing on the main sensor

Hi Anwar,

is the Primary manager using a Proxy? If it is, have you configured the proxy settings?

If you are not using a proxy or proxy settings are correct, then have a look at this KB article that explains how to disable the messages from McAfee on the database:

When you connect to the database, check if the IUS_MESSAGE_DOWNLOAD is enabled with this command:

mysql> select isactive from iv_schedulers where type='ius_message_download';

This should return true. If it is false, then you can activate the messages pull with this other command:

mysql> update iv_schedulers set isactive='TRUE' where type='ius_message_download';

Hope this helps.



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