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Mcafee Network Access Control Client 3.2.1.x

Hello All,

We are using Mcafee Network access client in ouer environments. But we are facing some issue with NAC client on windows 7 systems.

Mcafee network access control client service start and stop automaticaly.

Also I am unable to unistall it by any means i.e. add/remove or thourgh command.

So Any one have idea regarding the same!

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Re: Mcafee Network Access Control Client 3.2.1.x

Is the problem you are trying to solve the fact that the McAfee NAC service stops running?  And you want it always running on Windows 7 systems?  This is one of the things that ForeScout’s system can help solve. ForeScout is a McAfee partner, and they have integrated their product with ePO to pull-push information to and from ePO. More to your point, ForeScout’s product can detect if the MNAC agent is running on the endpoint. If not, ForeScout’s product can take action, like run a script on the endpoint. This solution is described somewhat here:  They also have posted a video here:

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