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MacOS client access to Network Security Manager

I was wondering if there has been any success in using Mac OSX as a client for Network Security Manager, specifically to run the threat analyzers.     I am using Mac OSX Snow Leopard, and Firefox as the browser (Safari is definitely not supported by NSM).

The JAVA apps for configuring the sensors and manager work fine.   When accessing the threat analyzers, I see the progress bar loading alerts etc go to 100%, then the progress bar closes.  Threat analyzer appears to be running but does not display a window.   I have upgraded NSM to version 7 and reinstalled Java on the Mac.   My uninformed guess is that there could be an incompatibility with Apple's implementation of Java and NSM's Java code.   

I did open a tech support ticket however Mcafee tech support has closed the ticket today without resolution.   McAfee does NOT support MacOS for access to the security platform.    Firefox may or may not be supported, I have received conficting statements from McAfee on the browser's compatibility.

Windows computers work ok, with some inconsistent java issues on config menus.      Currently, my workaround is to log into the server itself to run the threat analyzers.   Other workarounds would be to run a parallel installation of windows, however maintaining a separate installation only for access to the threat analyzers is not ideal.

I am using:

Mac OSX 10.6.8

Firefox 8.0.1

Java SE 6(1.6.0_29)

Server: Windows 2003 Server R2 Standard Edition, Service Pack 2

Network Security Manager  (same issue previously with version 5.x)

Any suggestions or examples of a positive experience would be appreciated.  


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