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M2850 sensor positioning for internal and external detection

Dear Members,

Before coming into the points, I shall share you the existing topology.

Core switch connected to Foritigate firewall (aggregated 2 cat 6 cables 1Gigs each). Firewalll connected to ADSL model. NAT ing is done on Firewall.

We are having M2850 Sensor and require your expert opinion on below points.

How to detect internal attacker IP if I place the sensor on perimeter, between firewall and ADSL modem (I am getting NATed ips only)
How to detect external attacker IP if I place the sensor inside the network before firewall.
How to connect the aggregated ports on sensor, Can I use 1AB, 2AB ports? Eg: In the aggregation 1 cable goes to 1A and other 1 goes to 1B.
What If I pass internal traffic to 1A,2A (before firewall) and external traffic(after firewall) to 3A. Does this cause duplicate alerts, or any sort of slowness?

NB: We are planned to integrate with NTBA and EPO also.

Please suggest and solution.

Thanks in Advance.

Looking forward to hear from you

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Re: M2850 sensor positioning for internal and external detection

Am I assuming correctly that you want to be inline and able to block? Also, are you using a fail-open kit? Unfortunately I cannot answer the rest of your questions without knowing what you want to accomplish.

The attached product guide explains how to cable the sensor for various situations.

Configuring the interfaces to know which is internal/external varies depending on the version of NSM you are using.

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