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M1250 IPS Sensor

Hi all,

           I am pretty in the IPS world! With that being said, two weeks ago, I installed a M1250 IPS sensor in our Network with the default Policcy. Since then users keeps calling about download issues. Whenever, they are downloading something off the Internet, it is very slow. Sometimes the speed reach 4K on a 10M link! to bypass this issue, I have to put the sensor in layer2 mode. My question is there any thing I can do to increase the download?



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Re: M1250 IPS Sensor

Moved this to the NSP space for you.


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Re: M1250 IPS Sensor

Not sure if I understand your stats correctly, but the m1250 sensor can handle up to 100Mb/s total throughput.  If you have the sensor in-line on a 10 Mb/s link and are finding performance issues, you may wish to check if you are seeing any CRC errors on any of the interfaces from the CLI on the sensor.  Check your duplex and speed settings as well, make sure the switch or router/firewall are not configured for auto.  Run a report on blocked alerts and see if any P2P based alerts are being blocked.


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