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M-3050 Configuration Active & Standby


I am very new to this product and I am having two Mcafee M-3050 with me and i want to configure them as active and standby is it necessary to use a security management server for that, please suggest the procedure to configure them or please suggest any study material.

I am having four failover modules also with me should i use all for of them.

Please help.


Anas Khatri

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Re: M-3050 Configuration Active & Standby


Not sure if I understand the question, but in order to Configure sensors for FO, you need them both connecting to the companion Network Security Manager.   The sensors need to be instructed to work as a pair, and this comes from our Manager Software.   Also keep in mind, the sensors need to be connected via th interconnect cable.

The onine help documentaion that installs with the Manager software will cover all the steps for creating a FO pair.

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