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Intrushield 2600 boot image file.

I purchased a used I2600 hoping to learn from it and apply it at my company. unfortunately the default credentials apparently have been changed and i have no way to get past the console login screen. this unit has a previous image accessible through grub at boot up and i hoped maybe the original configuration was preserved. unfortunately the other image has also been changed. i also tried the default password where it says to press "p" if i wanted to proceed to the next stage without using any o the two available system configuratoin. i wasn't even sure if that used the default admin123 as well but i figured it couldn't help.

i suppose the only other option now is to reimage the unit using the sop outlined elsewhere in here. since i purchased the unit from the secondary market, i don't have login credentials to use to download the bootimage. i only have grant numbers for our own virus protection subscription. i was wondering if someone might be able to share the bootimage file for i2600 so i can set this unit to defaults. it'd be great for my learning process.

i found out too that the manager needs a license file, and it too was something i wanted to get familiar with but it's not going to happen - maybe when i convince my boss to buy 1.

isn't there any other way to reset the unit, like a hardware jumper maybe. Well thanks everyone, one way ro the other. But i would be so grateful if someone can email me a copy of the bootimage file to thank you for your time.

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