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IPS 4010I and new Cisco Nexus 7010; won't talk

Hi everyone. Did a search and didn't see anything about this.

Having a problem getting a 4010i talking to a new cisco unit. IPS is on 6.1xx. Talked fine to older Cisco equipment. They are trying to talk to a 1gb fiber port on the Nexus (not a 10) from the ips. Cables and transerivers are right. Everything is set to autonegotiate. They both get in a loop of trying to negoitate a connection and can't pull it off.

Anyone have any ideas and/or seen it before?


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Re: IPS 4010I and new Cisco Nexus 7010; won't talk

Are you currently trying to configure the IPS inline or with a span port?  If the IPS is set to inline, try setting to SPAN while you are getting it setup as inline will require the IPS and both neighbor devices to have link for the ports to remain enabled.

Try setting the 'gigfailopendelay' to a larger value as it can help while troubleshooting.

'set gigfailopendelay 30'  (value can be between 0 and 600 seconds)

See your setting with 'show gigfailopendelay'.

It may be worth reseating the modules and cables or trying a different port also.  We see alot of problems that are resolved by reseating everything.

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