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Help Needed for McAfee Network Threat Response

Hi there, I have recently obtained a A200 Network Threat Response and have met with some problems.

I am currently only using one single Sensor appliance without any other McAfee device etc. Control Center Appliance.

I have followed every single step properly needed to install the Single Sensor Appliance along with IDS sensor as my first set sensor for the device. I am currently monitoring a switched network consisting of 1 ESXi Server, enVision and a few PCs. However even after excecuting the /etc/init.d/, the Network Threat Response does not seem to be picking anything up on its dashboard! While running finish the /etc/init.d/, the sript sent me a mail which states an error of "DOS Header Magic not found"!

The switch network is working perfectly as I am able to ping all the device between each other. I am also able to ssh into the Network Threat Response linux based system. Can someone please give me a clue about how the device should be properly setup or operated?


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