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HA, VSS and Bridge VLAN


About a HA scenario with two sensors and using "Bridge VLAN" mode, IMHO both sensors will be always bridging the traffic between the VLANs or only the primary. Am I right?

Any issues or recommendation on this?

I have a customer that has a Cisco 6500 VSS, 1 IPS per physical box, and I am worried about the design and spanning tree issues.

Pedro Mazzoni

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Re: HA, VSS and Bridge VLAN

Hi Pedro,

The details of bridge vlan under HA are described on the manual "NSP_ST_Virtualization_6.0_EN.pdf".

Under the FO pair, both sensors are always active regardless it's peer status.

Therefore both sensors will perform vlan bridging all the time.

Cheers, Shikwang

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